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Circa 1944, Ava and Peter Lawford

Circa 1945

Circa 1946

Circa 1946

Circa 1947, Fred McMurray and Ava, "Singapore"

Circa 1947

Circa 1948

Circa 1950

Circa 1951

Circa late 40s

Circa late 40s

Circa late 40s

Circa 1955, Ava and then husband, Frank Sinatra

Circa 1959 in her sister Inez's home in Smithfield, NC

Circa 1975

Circa 1984 in her London apartment with her corgi, Morgan. Following Ava's death, her housekeeper moved to Califirnia to be housekeeper for Gregory Peck and his wife. She took Morgan with her. Morgan died a few years later and is buried in the backyard of the Pecks' home. Ava and Gregory Peck were life long friends. Both are now deceased.