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For the past 18 years we sponsored a limited list of tutorials in support of DIYs interested in constructing basic web page(s) for an Internet presence. The tutorials were hosted under the domain name, MANDA.COM and rose to a top ranking position of Google's listings for "frames tutorial". We were pleased and appreciative of the support of the Internet public that provided that recognition. Recently, we were convinced to part with the MANDA.COM domain name. That domain name, represented Mike & Associates which ceased operations in 2002. Too stubborn to give up, I have launched EMDESS.COM with myself as single provider, thereby giving the tutorials a second life.

From time to time there may be minor updates to these tutorials, but no major revisions are planned as the frames feature was dropped in HTML5.

Your host has been blessed these past 86 years. Graduated from high school the year the transistor was invented, 1947. Following a USAF tour and earning a B.S. degree in EE from NCSU, my work assignments focused on design and development of numerous audio/RF attenuator products and electrical power switches for commercial, industrial, and military applications. Held memberships in EIA, IRE, and Audio Engineering Society. Served on various industry and Mil-Spec committees for electrical devices and program teams for several missile programs. Employment included Shallcross Mfg. Company, Cutler-Hammer, and Shallco. Became president of Shallco, Inc. in my later years.

Retiring after 30+ years in 1994, I stepped into the infancy of a newly launched Internet. The past 20 years has been a rewarding opportunity to share in the evolving technology that supports the Internet. Best wishes, Michael