Scope: The intent here is to include pertinent information about the various bench machines and accessories frequently part of most tinshops and descriptions of basic operations and processes. Tinshop can be a broad reference to all shops for metalworking and repair of sheetmetal items. The focus here is limited to machines for light production/repair of tinware. Items found in the kitchen and about the 19th and early 20th century home: cups, pans, teapots, coffee pots, reflector ovens, candleholders, chandeliers, lanterns, sconces, cookie cutters, toys, etc. Peck, Stow & Wilcox(CT) and Niagara(NY) were the volume producers of hand operated machines and tools for the trade. As time and opportunity permit additional listings for bench machines, equipment and tools will be included. Sources: John C. Capmbell Folk School, tinsmithing; demos by skilled smiths; personal experience; word of mouth; blogs and e-mail.

Pexto Model 544-A Of the typical bench machines found in tinshops for the crafting/manufacturing of tinware, the Pexto 544-A was the most frequently sold/sought after late 1940s. Detailed information regarding its operation and maintenance is included here.